“What a Surprise” by Author L. Hayes


Nicki rolled her dark brown eyes and strutted her 5’2 frame over to me. Her honey brown complexion damn near turned the color of her dyed auburn hair, because she was angry with me. She began yelling more obscenities and smacked my face. I rubbed my face and stood my 6’4 frame up to stop her from throwing any further hits. 

“Listen, I told you that I didn’t want to be tied down right now, shit I’m 25 I’m not ready for all that. You told me you weren’t looking for all that neither.” I rubbed my hands through my shoulder length locs. “Do you remember that? You remember when we was at the club in Va Beach how you went home with old dude? Remember you walked yo ass over to me and said ‘see I ain’t committed neither’.” I mimicked her ghetto attitude.

“Yeah AND? But that was over 8 months ago. You have some dumb ho walkin’ outta here this morning like she yo woman!” She pointed her long neon colored acrylic nails in my direction.

She was twenty-one years old, I should have never hollered at her when my boy Hakeem went to the club a year ago. I should of left her ass there where she stood when she rubbed her big booty Judy ass against my manhood. I would have turned away, but she was too fine for me to leave there that night. Soon as you know, one thing lead to another, then there I was bang bang bangin her back out. Right in the back of my Escalade truck, in the parking lot of the club. I was going to drop her that night, but her sex was too much for me to let go of. She worked at her mother’s hair salon, so I figured she had some type of common sense. Until she acted insanely ghetto at the Italian restaurant I took her to. From that day forth, I knew she was wasn’t going anywhere with me, but to my condo. Day one we discussed our relationship status, which was nothing but sex. 

She thought that making me jealous with the text messages she was getting from different dudes would change my perspective. No, it hasn’t. I don’t want anything serious, and I meant it. It’s going to take an army to have my heart stolen away for good. For some reason I always went for the hood chicks or gold digging chicks. I figured if I threw a couple of bills here and there I wouldn’t have to worry about no damn questions. All of the other girls took heed to this. This chick here didn’t grasp the concept. 

“She knows she ain’t my woman. Just like yo ass should know.”

“Whateva nigga you ain’t shit!”

“You wasn’t saying that when I gave you money to get your crying child some school clothes.”

“I don’t understand you! I hate you!” Her big hoop earrings went from side to side. “Nigga you walk around here like you God’s gift!” She brushed her microbraids over her left shoulder.

“I am God’s gift to you women. Don’t you ever forget it.” I tightened up my towel that was still around my waist. I had taken a shower with Lisa before she gotten here…..or was it Leslie.

She charged at me with her fist, but I managed to grab her hand with my large hand. “Let go of me nigga! You wanna fight me!”

“No. I don’t want to fight you! You think I wanna catch a charge over yo ass? Hell naw this is for the birds! Get the hell out!” 

She pushed my hand away from her only because I allowed her to. She evaluated my body language and noticed I wasn’t playing her childish games any longer. She tried to give me that seductive look she usually gave me when we argued. Then I would give in and change my mind of kicking her out of my life for good. She rubbed her breast against my muscled chest and rubbed down to my manhood. It came alive. She smiled and went down on her knees to immerse my nine inches of glory into her mouth.  She sucked and slurped and bobbed and stroked. I grabbed her by her head as she bobbed her head up and down. Once I climaxed into her mouth, she slurped it all up…. no towels included. She tried to push me back on the couch but I wrapped my towel back around my waist. I walked to my front door like I was the man on the moon. I held it open.

“You can leave now Vicki.”

She had a look of confusion on her face as she wiped her mouth. “Nigga who the FUCK is VICKI.”

“Whateva….just leave.”

“MY NAME IS NICKI, YOU WOULD OF THINK YOU WOULD REMEMBA AFTER FUCKIN ME FOR ALMOST A YEAR NOW!” She grabbed her handbag and walked over the threshold. She stood at the door. “After all we have in common you gon do this?”

“The only word we had in common was serve.”

She placed her hand on her hip. Her ass looking like it was about to bust the seam out of her jeans. “What you mean by that?”

“You served my needs, and I served yours.” I rubbed my fingers together to interpret the language of money.

“You ain’t shit Quinton!” 

“That’s Q to you.” I adjusted my towel so it wouldn’t fall. “So GET THA STEPPIN’.” I slammed the door and locked it up as I imitated the comedian Martin Lawerence. 

A few moments later, my homeboy Hakeem called. He wanted to hit up a club in DC tonight, but I told him I was on my way to Atlanta, GA to check on my strip club I owned. Although, I stayed low key, nobody knew how much I was worth. I made sure no one was going to know. Hakeem didn’t even know my value, he only knew of three out of ten clubs that I owned. I took him to my spots out California, New York, and Florida. My father Randolph Wentworth, had money in plenty stocks. He paid my way through college and when I graduated with a Business Degree he gave me 1.5 million dollars. He taught me different ways to invest and I figured out the rest. I chose tourist attractions for my clubs intentionally, which gave me more bang for my buck. If I told you my net worth, I’d kill you myself. 

“Aight well I’m hittin DC, Scotty and them said they were going so we going to hold shit down. But yeah, don’t forget about my  cookout I’m finna have next week. My family all coming and shit, my sister finished with school so you finally get to meet her.”

“That’s whats up. I met half your family. Everybody except her. I bet she got a big ass head like you brotha. Probably look like you with some hair. You ugly ass nigga.” I laughed hysterically. We always joked each other.

He laughed. “Whateva nigga, you just make sure you don’t bring that hood rat to my cookout, I can’t afford to feed all five of her kids with her five baby daddies taggin along.”

I laughed. “Speaking of which, I tossed her ass up outta here a few moments ago. But yeah brotha, imma get at you later. I got a few errands to run.” 

“Aight, peace.” 

I hung up the phone and went online to print out my itinerary for my flight schedule in four hours. 


My club was jumping tonight, damn near every area in the club was packed. I had to move some folks out the way with my hands. I entered the VIP area and dapped up all the fellas that was chilling in there that night. I had to show the brothas love who were my number one paying customers. The music blasted through the speakers and I felt the vibration of the hip hop sounds that blared. I walked over to the bartender who was tending the bar. Tasty was standing there bent over popping her gum while she spoke to a fat baldy sitting there flirting with her gigantic boobs. Her boobs were so big I couldn’t possibly tell you the cups she was in. Maybe not even a cup size, I’d say buckets. When she saw me she rudely cut off baldy and headed to my direction. Her jet black hair hung past her back, it complimented her deep brown complexion. 

“Hey Daddy!” She popped her gum continuously.  “If you don’t give me a hug negro you better!” 

I hugged her as tight as I could. Her boobs pressed against me. I pushed them together and she giggled. “I see it’s poppin up here tonight.”

She chewed her gum. “You damn right. I made a lot of tips like it ain’t nothing Q!” She pulled out a wad a money from her breasts and winked. “So why ain’t you chillin’ in the VIP section? You betta tell one of dem dudes to get up so a real king can take his seat.”

I smiled. “Nah. You know I’m the low key type. All the ballers walking around with their long chains and pulling out dough. That’s how your ass get robbed. I’m not into all that. If I want a woman all I have to do is make a call, either that or she would come to me.” I waved my hand casually. 

She smirked and pushed up close to me. She was a tall amazon about 6’0 and she beautiful, just too old for me. She whispered in my ear, “Will she come to you…or would she cummmm to you.” She pulled back and licked her lips. 

I shook my head. I did have a fling with her the first night I opened this club, she was one of the first acts I seen and I was amazed at how her ass had talked to me. “Both.” I winked.

She eyed me seductively and made her way back to her job at the bar. I followed her by staying at the bar stool with the rest of the customers. As if she was reading my mind she slid a shot glass over to me. “The drink of the night.”

I looked at the drink, “What it is this? You know I don’t really drink like that, but everytime I come to ATL you always get me fucked up.”

“It’s Bacardi 151 daddy.”

“Good thing I got chauffeured here, huh?” I held the glass.

“Knock it back. Get fucked up, so I can fuck you up.”

I shook my head and smiled. I picked up the shot glass and gulped it. I shook my head with my tongue hanging out. “Damn that shit burn.” She gestured for another glass but I shook my head. “I’m good.”

I watched a beautiful white girl that was at the under end of the crowded bar accidentally spill a drink on a man that had already looked angry. Her bright blue eyes popped out of her head when he started to yell and asked for a supervisor. Like captain save a ho I got up and casually walked to the area the incident occurred. I pulled my dreads back into a ponytail, when I did that, I meant business.

“What’s going on here my man?” His light skinned stocky body stood up. No where near eye to eye with me. More like to my chest. I looked down at him, waiting for an answer.

“Dis ain’t got shit to do with you my man. So you can go back over there wit Tasty, and finish tryin’ to spit game at her!” His furry eyebrows crowded together in angry.

“I am so sorry sir. It was an accident. I can get you another drink, on the house.” The white girl apologized and tried to make the man happy.

“Fuck you, you white bitch. You don’t belong round here no ways.”

“With all due respect sir, she was just offering you another drink. You either can take it or exit the club. Those are the rules.”

He laughed with his two senior citizen buddies behind him. “Lil nigga please. You act like you run shit, you not runnin’ shit but yo mouth.”

I knew I was wearing my crisp $300 pair of True Religion jeans, with a charcoal gray polo-styled shirt; but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t the supervisor of the place or anything. People automatically assumed it was a white man with a suit. 

I smiled my white teeth grin and held out my hand. “I’m sorry I didn’t properly introduce myself. I’m Quinton Wentworth. The owner of this here club.” 

The white girl looked stunned and so did sir talk a lot. He rubbed his shaggy beard and laughed. “Say bro’ I didn’t mean all that I said to you a few minutes ago.” He grabbed my hand and gave me a weak hand shake. 

I firmly shook his hand and put my hands back into my jean pockets. “Well, um…I’m sorry baby what’s your name?”

“Doll.” The white girl said shyly.

“Doll here didn’t mean to drop the drink on you, I watched her the whole time. Sometimes when you first work in spots like this you could get a little nervous on your first time on the job. So would you like another drink prepared?”

“Uh yeah homie that would be cool. That would be cool.”

I whispered in Doll’s ear, “Give this fucker his drink before I have to knock his ass out myself.” Before I headed back to the direction of Tasty, I placed my hand on his shoulder. “She’s going to give you three drinks on the house my man. How about that Bacardi 151 Doll.” 

“You alright brotha!” He laughed happily.

While he was laughing, I began laughing at his dumb ass, because when his ass get that first shot, he would be spending money on them strippers like it’s nobody’s business. Then he would come back the following weekend to do the same thing. I walked back over to Tasty because I heard some dudes saying they can’t wait for the next act and that’s the only reason why they were there. 

“Whose this act these dudes speaking of?”

“New girl. She started like two weeks ago.” Tasty yelled over the Too Short song “Shake that monkey” that blurred over the speakers.

“So what’s the 411 on her?”

“She from Florida but she’s, she looks fine as hell too. I tried to hit on her, but apparently she’s strickly dickly.” 

I looked at Tasty for a moment and thought back to the three some’s and four some’s with strippers we shared together and smiled. “When she’s coming on stage?”

“Right after this song end.”

I retrieved a toothpick and headed towards the stage. I made sure I  got close to the stage, front and center. The woman walked seductively out onto the stage to the beginning of Janet Jackson’s song ‘Anytime, Anyplace’. She wore 6 inch golden heels and a gold bikini that accentuated her bronze body. Her breasts were sitting at DD’s and her ass was equivalent to three JLo’s before she lost the weight. 

Her thighs were a thick size and her legs were strong like Tina Turner’s. She wore long eye lashes and her red bright lip gloss glowed under the lights. She climbed all the way to the top of the poll and slid down slowly with her legs spread like an eagle. She did all of this without taking her eyes off of me. She moved closer to the stage near some of the men holding out $1 bills to $20 bills for the guys trying to show their balling status. She swung her shoulder length blonde hair as she headed my way and she popped her ass in my face. One cheek did it’s little dance, then the other. She looked back at me licking her lips as she did this.    

I must admit, I am the ladies man. I never tipped the strippers on the stage, I usually watch…but her gray eyes gleamed at me seductively and I was hooked. I whipped out a $100 bill and she moved her body like a snake slowly as she put her breasts near my face. The song was a long song and she must have racked up over $1500 already. As the song faded off, she bent over and shook her ass and walked off the stage like she just got an Oscar. 

I put my hands in my pockets to hide my hard on and headed back over to the bar. Tasty laughed as I sat down slowly. “Bitch put it on your dick and she won’t even riding it!” 

I looked at her and shook my head. “Damn she was the truth. Naw, you know can’t no female control Rambo.” 

She agreed, “You right about that. I couldn’t do my routine the next day, I stayed on bar duty. That’s probably why I’m on it right now.”

We laughed and she slid me another drink. Like a gullible nimrod I drank it anyway. “Damn. I’m good. I’m good. You trying to kill a man up in here. Hey Tasty do me a favor.”

“What’s that?”

“I’m going to the private VIP room. Send her in.” 

She gave me a look with her mouth twisted to the side and she shook her head. I walked smoothly towards the private room. I looked around and loved the idea of putting up the walls as black leather with the red lights coming from the ceiling. I took a seat on the leather bench and waited. A big black brother which was required to be in the room with the stripper followed behind the bronze beauty. I stood up and he gave me a brotherly hug.

“What’s good cousin. Aunt Thelma told me to tell you to give her a call when you can.” His dread moved from side to side as he spoke with his hands.

I hugged my blood cousin once again. I had hired him since he had got out of prison four years ago and been keeping his hand out of dirt since. He liked his job and he thanked me graciously. “Aight Dre. You don’t have to stay in here.”

Dre looked at the bronze beauty then back at me and let out a ‘whew’. She looked nervous. “Hey don’t worry this is the owner of this club. He never see’s any strippers in the private VIP. Never. You must be special.” Her eyes looked more relaxed when Dre had announced that. His huge body building frame locked the door then closed it behind him. 

As if she didn’t just hear Dre say I was the owner of the club she clicked on the slow jamz in the room. It filled the room with baby making music. She walked over slowly to me with her red thong that she changed into and sat in my lap. She held onto my knees and began grinding her hips.

“What’s your name?” I asked as I watched her back move. 

She turned her head so she could see me and said, “Surprise.” She said in her French accent.

Rambo began to rise as she gyrated faster, automatically I touched her stomach and moved up to her breasts and began playing with her nipples. 

She jumped up. “No touching.” 

“I own this club baby. It’s okay.” 

“But you don’t own me.”


“Technically you could get sued.”

“Wow. Fiesty.” 

She looked at me with her gray eyes and jumped on me surprisingly. Her DD cups were in my face. “Lick them.” 

“Damn, what happened to ‘no touching.”

“I was just fuckin’ around. Surprise.” She smiled her bright red lip smile.

Deep down some where in my body something said, ‘no Q wrong move’. But what the hell, she was bad. I flicked my tongue on her nipples and began to suck on her breast. She grabbed my face and began to kiss me with her venom, I was instantly poisoned. I found myself tearing off her thongs and pulling off my clothes. I laid back on the leather bench and put on my magnum. I allowed her to ride me she was was auditioning for a rodeo game. I grabbed her ass as she rode Rambo. 

“Smack my ass!” She commanded.

I looked shocked and did what she told me. Usually I was able to control the women that rode me, but Surprise was bringing out many surprises. I was trying hard not to bust off my cream supreme but it happened. She looked down at me and shook her head. She got up.

“Unbelievable. I knew you wouldn’t be able to handle me.” She reached for the little tote bag she brought in the room and lit a cigarette. “That’s $10,000. Wasting my damn time.”

I couldn’t believe my ears I stood up. “What?”

“You hard of hearing now? You heard me. What you can’t afford it?”

“Baby, make no mistake about it, I can afford it. I was just playing with you a few moments ago.”

She put the cigarette out and put her hands on her hip. “I don’t believe you.”

I took my dreadlocks out of a ponytail and shook them down to my shoulder. I bit my bottom lip and walked over to her. She licked her lips at me and I bent her over as she held onto the leather walls. I went over to her and pumped my manhood in her faster than she could say the word ‘surprise’. Her blonde hair hair began going all over the place as she held tightly on the wall. She moaned and screamed her ‘oh shit’s’ as I gave her the business. I smacked the side of her ass and asked her whose the king. I grabbed her right leg and held her leg behind my neck. I gripped on her stiletto as I continued to pump in her deep pool of wetness. She didn’t answer loud enough so I turned to face me and picked her up and sat her on my Rambo as I did her against the wall. Her head went from side to side on the leather wall and she moaned with pleasure. I made sure I worked out four times a week, and I made sure I was giving her the workout routine I been doing for the past four years. Her breasts began to bounce faster and she screamed with pleasure as we both reached our climax. Our sweaty bodies collapsed on the leather bench. 

She got up quicker than I could. She put on her gold robe and wrapped it tightly around her waist. She walked slowly towards the door with a limp. I thought about what Tasty said and I grinned. Before she walked out of the room I got up and grabbed her hand. “When’s the next time I get to see you. Want to get a bite of eat in the morning? You could stay with me at the hotel.”

She fluttered her long fake lashes and her gray eyes looked into my eyes. “I would like to. But I can’t.”

“No problem, just give me your number and we can talk sometimes.”

Her face turned a bit red. “I can’t do that neither. I can’t really get in detail. But this is my job, I’m here to do my job.”

“But you wanted to have sex with me and frankly having sex isn’t apart of your job. This wasn’t about the money and you know damn well it wasn’t. When your ass first got out on the stage and seen me you had your eyes on me.”


“So we not going to see each other again?”

“Yes, when you come back to visit your club again. I had a great time.” She kissed my neck sweetly and sashayed out of the room.

I was chilling in Hakeem’s back yard telling him the story of what had happened to me in Georgia. He kept telling me I was a sucker. 

“Yeah, she got me for some stacks, but she was the shit. The best I had, I would say.” 

He laughed as he handed me a Corona. His parents had came towards the grill by us and I hugged them like they were my family as well. I continued to grill the chicken that was on the grill, putting my grilling touch on it. The steam had me hot out in the summer Virginia weather. 

“Bro’ this my lil sister Harmony.” 

After I finished turning the chicken over, I put the top of the grill down and turned around. My mouth dropped open. Her gray eyes nearly popped out of her head. She no longer wore the long eye lashes, no red lipstick, no stilettos. Her bronze face didn’t wear make up, it wore naturalness with glossy lips. Her hair was no longer blonde, it must have been a wig. She had chin length dread locks that were cinnamon colored. Her locks were curled wildly over her head. She didn’t wear any revealing clothes, but any man could tell she was working with a figure. She wore a light brown multicolored sundress with a light knit half jacket. She pushed her prescription black framed glasses on her face as she looked around nervously. 

“Wow! What a SURPRISE!” I hugged her like I never met her before. “I met everyone in this man’s family, but you.” 

She glared at me through her lenses, one of those glares only me and her noticed. “Yes…he always talk about Q. I guess you’re him. It’s amazing.” She said with a proper sweet voice.

“She just graduated from the University of Miami. It was crazy to see my baby sister walk across the stage. Yep. French major. Ain’t that right baby girl.”

I had one eyebrow up and looked at her.

Her cheeks turned red and smiled. “Yes. That’s right.”

I drank my Corona with a smile. “Yeah that’s a SURPRISE. SURPRISE, SURPRISE.” 

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