Tasteful Thursday feat. Atheana

Name: Atheana
Age: 38
Location: Hollywood ca
Ethnicity: black, white, Native American
Measurements: 32-22-36
Astrological Sign: Aires
Fun Facts: I’m a creator, writer, and executive producer of an all female comedy series called keeping it 100 the series, I hiccup all the time, I’m a hula hoop 5 time champ, I’m afraid of large bodies of water, I’ve never been outside of the untied states (except for Mexico but like does that even count?) once was in training to be a cop, I have 22 brothers and sisters (popular parents – all half) I’m the only swirl baby on my dads side, I hate croutons/bacon bits/ people with poor hygiene, I’m deadly allergic( not lactose intolerant) to dairy, i once survived an entire weekend in Atlanta with an expired credit card.

What do you have #Lustissues for ( What do you have a strong desire for):
Hobbies: writing, creating, producing, fitness, my 2 year old miniature schnauzer.
Twitter: @atheanaritchie

IG: @keepingit100theseries

Other Urls:

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