Model Monday featuring – Marisa feature survey.

Name: Marisa Sanford
Age: 21
Location: Norfolk, VA
Ethnicity: Asian

Dress: 2

Top: Small

Bottom: X-Small

Bust: 32DD

Waist: 24

Hips: 32

Shoe: 6.5 Heels

          7 Tennis shoes/boots

Astrological Sign: Libra
Fun Facts: I like football, I have a super anti-cuddly cat, I took karate classes when I was in middle school

What do you have #Lustissues for ( What do you have a strong desire for): I can never pass up sushi and seafood, my shopping gets a little out of hand sometimes, and if I go into a pet store you better know I’m coming home with a petting zoo.
Hobbies: Art, working out, antagonizing my cat, shopping
Twitter: @marisa_sanford
IG: @marisasanford
Other Urls:

Snapchat: marisa_sanford

Tumblr: marisasanford

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