Meet the ladies of #LustIssues

We here at strive to bring you the hottest in the game , no questions. Needles in haystacks , all white at the ‘All Black’ , belles of the ball. Our models are not only models in front of the camera but in their day to day as well making them TRUE “Models”.


Our ladies range from anywhere from Video Vixens, To MOdels , to Go-Go Dancers. Need models for a photoshoot?? Fashion Show ?? Featured Dancer or host for your next event??? and we will point you in the right direction with competitive prices.


Featured Model – De De who appeared in numerous Videos such as ‘Boo Thang’ , ‘Why you mad’ ,  ‘Bag Of Money’ & numerous other videos with artist such as Lil Wayne , French Montana , The Weekend , Acehood & more. De De as well of our other models usually take two forms. De De is also a fashion designer with an up & coming line. Stay tuned into

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