EYHO w/ Chef Gambino

Executive Chef Gambino. CEO/ Owner and Operator of “Eat Your Heart Out, LLC… Catering to the 757 area of V.A. and surrounding areas.  A few years back I moved to Atlanta, G.A.  from Virginia Trying to start over realizing you could never start over but you can make better decisions in life to live a better life. I decided to enroll in “Le Cordon Bleu” culinary college to be a chef because I learned a skill called cooking. I don’t know how I learned how to cook, it was just something that came to me. Had a few people try my food and all they could say was ” I would pay for this”. So, I ran with it. I moved back to Virginia after like 9 months in ATL and enrolled in Stratford University for my Bachelors in Science( Advanced Culinary). I also started my own Catering service called: Eat Your Heart Out, LLC. From there I’ve been building this business from the ground up, making this brand well known in the 757 area of Virginia… This is part of me building this brand by being on this website to share some of my great tasting recipes and giving you a delicious experience to share with your families… Hope you’ll enjoy these easy and simple recipes at your diners tables…. God Bless! #EatYourHeartOut ….follow me on #Twitter :  @Official_EYHO #Instagram : @EYHO757 email me for rates and details on my catering service for weddings, parties, baby showers, private chef, etc.

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