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Jonathan Pierce Bio
         Creator and Owner of DreamBodyz Fitness Club Jonathan Pierce is a man on a mission, who is focused on improving the lives of people he meets through the world of health and fitness. Having been apart of various fields from acting, modeling, counseling, and fitness, he is trained on how to help enhance beauty from the inside out. By creating long lasting bonds through fitness club gatherings, social events, and the non profit portion of DreamBodyz, he is finding new and exciting ways to get people excited about their health.
        DreamBodyz was started in 2010 with the hopes of changing entire communities , and their relationship with fitness. With 10 years of combined experience in the fields of health and wellness, and human services, Jonathan saw a void in the black community, and how he could assist. Often due to lack of understanding, families were not exercising and eating right; this eventually leads to obesity and other serious health problems to include but are not limited to high blood pressure, diabetes, and joint problems. Working with at risk youth, he also noticed that low self-esteem from being either over or under weight caused children and adolescents to  act out in school and in the community by bullying others.
      This is where the idea for Dreambodyz was born. Have an non-profit organization where children and teens could receive free training on diet and exercise that they would take back to their families. This would hopefully effect and improve the community as a whole when the children and teens shared what they learned.
      To support this mission Jonathan trains adults in single sessions as well as in groups for a cost. His relationships with his clients are strength based, as he holds them accountable for sessions and attends events they might have in the community.  The club is all about building lasting healthy relationships of people who pour into each other. Meetings are often held at Planet Fitness is Hampton but are subject to change. He has set up various ways for people to wake up and ace have their DreamBody.
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