Debauchery: Time – By Author L. Hayes


“Never had tasty lips to kiss….”

The warm summer breeze embraced their bodies as they kissed passionately. The weekend trip to San Diego was a spontaneous decision that they made. They both turned off their cell phones so they wouldn’t be interrupted. The white linen curtains that hung on the long double windows blew in the warm breeze. The balcony and the beautiful night sky could be seen due to the opened doors.

“Never seen a moon glow like this….”

His bronze body laid on top of her dark brown body. He ran his fingers along her cheek as he kissed her full lips. She closed her eyes tight, wishing that they could have this moment forever.  The low sounds of Maxwell’s song “Fortunate” continued to play through the speakers as he kissed down to her neck. They always made love to that song on repeat.

“Never had a love affair so tight….”

Maxwell serenaded her ears as he continued to kissed further down to her breasts. He licked around her dark nipples and sucked on them like chocolate were erupting from them. She moaned from the sublime sensation his tongue caused across her nipples. He kissed down further to her stomach and his tongue traced down to her kitten. He licked her kitten slowly as juices came trickling out.

He licked her kitten faster and faster until she purred from his warm long tongue. He moved her legs further apart as his tongue invaded deeper into her wet ravine. She arched her back at the continuous licks that his tongue was issuing out. She ran her fingers in his head full of curly hair as he licked her faster. He savored her juices as he sucked her clit. She grabbed his hands and led him up to her. She kissed his thick lips slowly with passion. They changed positions and she quickly straddled him.

“Fortunate to have you girl, I’m so glad you’re in my world…”

His piercing grey eyes hypnotized her as she slid onto his dick. She rode him seductively as she bit her lip. He began to speak Spanish as she rode him. The way he spoke his native language turned her on more as she rode him faster. He gripped her round ass hard as she rode him faster. She moaned loud and he groaned loud as they reached their climax.

His 5’11 frame stood up and he walked slowly out on the balcony. He looked out at the bright city lights of downtown San Diego. She sat at the edge of the bed and stared at his bronze muscular frame. She approached him from behind with her hard nipples pressed against his back. She turned him around and his grey eyes struggled to look into her’s.

When she looked into his eyes all she seen was a list of regrets and mistakes. Tears came to her eyes as she faced reality. She turned around to go back inside, but he gently grabbed her arm. It took her awhile to look at his handsome face. He shook his head at her and kissed her soft lips.

“I’m calling out to your body, baby you know just what to do….” Maxwell continued to play in the background.

He gently pressed her body against the balcony doors. He lifted her up with her legs around his waist. He entered her slowly.  She looked out into the night sky as she moaned in delight. He stroked her faster and her breast bounced faster. She gripped her arms around his neck as he penetrated her deeper. She moaned and he groaned. She told him to go faster, their sweaty skin rubbed against each other as he went faster. When they came together he went inside and laid her on the bed. They panted for air as their bodies collapsed on top of each other. He ran his fingers through her hair and she closed her eyes  as she indulged in the touch of his hands. She wanted their rendezvous weekend to be like this everyday. However, once Monday arrive this would all end. They will be going on with their separate lives. After all, they were wrapped up in their own fantasies hoping it would last forever. He gazed in her eyes and she gazed in his.

“We have to end this. I love you, but I can’t have you, the way I want to.” Serenity smiled hesitantly.

“You’re my girl.” Pedro said with a thick Spanish accent.

“No. You belong to her. You aren’t mine.” She closed her eyes at the reality of her words.

“So…what is this you’re saying to me? You don’t want to be with me anymore?” His eyes pleaded for an answer.

She laid her head on his chest. “I just…need time.”

“Just as sure, as the sky is blue, I’m blessed the day that I found you…

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