Blurred Lines

“That guy over there…he can get it, can’t he?  That girl in that pic…she turned you on, didn’t she? Wait. He’s gay? Oh hell no…She’s a lesbian? WTF? they’re Bisexual? GTFOH… She’s really a he? It doesn’t matter. they, just like you, are human. Besides, They’re still hot and can probably still get it, can’t they? Sexuality and lust aren’t black and white, as there is an entire spectrum of grey in between, and the lines are insurmountably blurred. BLURRED LINES is your go-to section for any And all of the things that you lust after concerning the LGBTQ/LGBT community…knowledge, issues, awareness and just plain SEX (hey, it’s still a top seller…). Click and enjoy your own lines become blurred.” – Anonymous

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