Alpha Male Monday Featuring Anthony White

Alpha Males of …  A little #Lust for the ladies

Have you always had an extra edge in life but couldn’t quite put your finger on as to why??? Do you command attention when you step into a room without outlandish antics ?? Are you the dog that is actually chased by the proverbial “cat” ??  Chances are you are an Alpha Male.

Featured Alpha Male of the week Multi talented Male Entertainer of Virginia “Envy”

Name:Anthony White
Location: Virginia Beach VA
Ethnicity: African American
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Fun Facts: I am a male entertainer who has traveled all over the world.
In school to be an aircraft mechanic.
Love to eat & workout.

What do you have #Lustissues for: Having an orgy in the rainforest 76° with the sprinklers on.
Hobbies: Bowling , football , shooting pool , watching Track & Field
: 86VIRG

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